It Takes All Kinds to
Make Fundraising Work

It takes three groups of people to make a successful PERM fundraiser. First is the CONTRIBUTOR. Without donated merchandise to auction, sell, raffle or use as a door prize, we simply could not afford to put on an event. By donating items to PERM we are able to achieve a good profit margin. Hundreds of businesses, organizations and individuals belong to this group. You can become a part of this group by calling a PERM member listed on page eight with your donation.

Secondly we need the CUSTOMER. Many sportsmen and sportswomen and concerned citizens attend our fundraisers each year. Without their generosity PERM could not have raised over $750,000. You can be a part of this group by checking the back page of the newsletter for our upcoming events. They're not only a way to show your support for PERM, but also a great opportunity to meet and socialize with people who believe in a shared goal.

Third, we always need our dedicated volunteers. PERM is a totally volunteer organization. When you attend a PERM event, thank the many concerned citizens who donated their time and travel all over the state at their own expense to help our organization raise money. You can become a part of this important group by attending our regularly-scheduled meeting listed on the back page, or by helping to organize an event in your community.

No single one of these groups can be successful without the other. Some of us fall into all three categories. It is because of everyone's efforts and combined support that we have been able to reach the United states Supreme Court in the Mille Lacs treaty case!

Along with this good news, comes the responsibility to make sure we have enough funds to put forth the best case possible. Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You must realize how rare it is to have the chance to be involved in something so historic and consequential. This is something you will be able to tell your kids about with pride. Now is the time to get involved! We're in!

As a final note, I would like to thank everyone who participated in PERM's 2nd Annual Metro Auction. This fundraiser is a prime example of how the three groups of supporters can make a successful event. Together, we doubled our profits to $5,000 this year! Our 3rd Annual Metro Auction will be at the Anoka County Fairgrounds on May 1, 1999. Mark it on your calendar. It will be bigger and better than ever next year. To help out give me, Doug Meyenburg, Jr., a call at (612) 434-3973. Or call Doug Kolodzienski at (612) 434-6008.