Save Minnesota Fundraising Passes $955,000 Mark

PERM (Proper Economic Resource Management) is a non-profit conservation club dedicated to promoting balanced solutions to natural resource management issues. The campaign to "Save Minnesota" was initiated by Bud Grant and PERM. A goal of $1.5 million was set to protect the interests of sportsmen, property owners, small businesses, and other concerned citizens in Minnesota Indian treaty lawsuits.

As the Mille Lacs and Fond du Lac Indian treaty lawsuits have made their way through the courts, the volunteers for PERM have continued the effort to insure the strongest possible defense is put forth.

Over 100 organizations representing thousands of citizens have donated to "Save Minnesota." PERM's individual membership is now about 1,500 and growing.

If you care about your freedom, property rights, voice in government, quality of life, and pursuit of fish and game, you had better join PERM today!


PERM's Annual Deer Hunter's Supper Makes Over $5,600!

PERM'S 4TH Annual Deer Hunter's Supper was held the Friday night before the opening of the firearms deer season at Smokin Hill Bar & Lounge north of Isle. Hunters on their way to camp have no reason to cook a big meal when they can enjoy a home cooked meal by Justin Schmidt with PERM. Live Music by the Dead Bait Band, as well as silent auctions and gun raffles provide for an entertaining and satisfying evening. A special thanks to the Lake Mille Lacs Area Committee, Smokin Hill and our cook Justin, for making this event a bigger success each year!


PERM's Summer $5 Raffle Collects Almost $11,000!

PERM volunteers sold over 2,500 raffle tickets to raise money for the Mille Lacs Treaty Case. The drawing was held on November 6, 1998 at Smokin Hill north of Isle, MN. The winners were: 1st Prize (Browning BPR 30/06) - Dick Bies. 2nd Prize (Remington 1187 12 Ga.) - P. Gieger. 3rd Prize (Ladies Wrist Watch) - Judy Wozner. 4th Prize (Garmen Model 12 GPS) - Larry Karpen. 5th Prize (Framed "Shoulda Been There" print by James Meger & Bud Grant) - Steve Olson. 6th Prize (Makita Cordless Drill) - Ross Karpen. 7th Prize ($100 Cash) - John Sandott. 8th Prize (PERM Cap & T-shirt) - Curt Johnson. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you very much to all the volunteers who sold tickets and donated merchandise.


St. Paul Ice Fishing and Winter Sports Show Nets 3,000!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show in December at River Centre. This was our first show of the season, and interest was high with the Supreme Court hearing in the Mille Lacs case just days earlier. Print sales and raffle ticket sales accounted for most of the revenues for the show. A special thank you to show coordinator Bill Block, and all the volunteers who worked the booth!


McBee's Dance Takes In $1,800!

On October 11, 1998 PERM supporters enjoyed a ham and chicken buffet put on by McBee's Saloon & Eatery and were entertained by the Florian Chmielewski Polka Band! The food was tremendous, and Florian and his band played almost non-stop for four hours. PERM volunteers put on a silent auction and

"We're In - Supreme Donor" plaques were presented to some of the supporters present at the event. PERM's Lake Mille Lacs Area Committee is planning another dance at McBee's with the Florian Chmielewski Polka Band for January 17, 1999. Tickets are available at McBee's on highway 47 north of Ogilvie (320) 272-4061, or at Karpen's Resort north of Isle (320) 676-8834.