Artist Supports Equal Hunting and Fishing Rights

Ken Zylla Donates 100 Prints to PERM

In December 1998 Ken Zylla demonstrated his continuing support for Proper Economic Resource Management by donating one hundred prints of one of his latest works "Crossroads". These signed and numbered conservation edition prints will be used at PERM fundraisers to help pay for the Mille Lacs Treaty. Over the years Ken has been a generous supporter of PERM. At our very first fundraiser he donated 100 "Spirit Island" prints, and has just kept on giving ever since. If you're ever in Plymouth, MN, stop by Ken's gallery, 3900 Vinewood Lane, Unit 14. Please thank him for all he has done for PERM. If Ken isn't in, talk to his daughter Sandy. Incidentally, Sandy is an up and coming artist, too. Check out her print "Cabin Fever." It even boasts a PERM bumper sticker on the window of the ice house. Sandy gave us 25 of these prints at below her production costs!