Save Minnesota fundraising reaches $1,129,000

PERM (Proper Economic Resource Management) is a non-profit conservation club dedicated to promoting balanced solutions to natural resource management issues. The campaign to "Save Minnesota" was initiated by Bud Grant and PERM. A goal of $1.5 million was set to protect the interests of sportsmen, property owners, small businesses, and other concerned citizens in Minnesota Indian treaty lawsuits.

As the Mille Lacs and Fond du Lac Indian treaty lawsuits have made their way through the courts, the volunteers for PERM have continued the effort to insure the strongest possible defense is put forth.

Your continued support is essential. We still have a bill of about $100,000 to pay resulting from the Mille Lacs lawsuit, and the Fond Du Lac Band's hunting and fishing rights case in Northeastern Minnesota is still ongoing. Our efforts to educate the public and our elected officials about what's at stake costs money too. No other organization is as well equipped as PERM to fight for your rights against the onslaught by the tribal governments and their allies. Over 100 organizations representing thousands of citizens have donated to "Save Minnesota."

If you care about your freedom, property rights, voice in government, quality of life, and pursuit of fish and game, you had better join PERM today!

PERM's Metro Area Fundraiser clears over $7,000!

PERM's annual fundraiser at Brook Hall of Blainbrook Entertainment Center on February 3rd was a great success. We want to thank all the volunteers and area businesses that donated to make the event possible.

   Randy Thompson  
Howard Hanson, President of Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) was on hand to update everyone on our efforts at the national level. Randy Thompson, attorney for PERM and the Landowners in the Mille Lacs Treaty Case explained last spring's U.S. Supreme Court Ruling, and where we go from here both on the legal front and as an organization. Alex Eguiguren, author of "Legalized Racism - Federal Indian Policy and the End of Equal Rights for All Americans" was our featured speaker. Alex talked about his book which provides a unique and intriguing perspective of how the Mille Lacs Treaty Case has and will shed new light on our interpretation of the 14th Amendment and equal treatment under the law.

PERM's 5th Annual Gourmet Wild Game Dinner raises $9,000!

PERM's Gourmet Wild Game Dinner at Earle Brown Heritage Center was on March 4th this year. The food was fabulous, and in addition to our informational program of speakers, we had auctions, raffles and great door prizes. Thank you to everyone who attended and especially those who donated time and merchandise.

 Scott Kayla  Keck Melby  Jim Moeller
Our featured speaker at the Game Dinner was Ms. Scott Kayla Morrison. She is an attorney, member of the Choctaw Tribe, and President of Citizens Equal Rights Foundation (CERF). Keck Melby - Marina owner from Grand Portage, shared his experience of having to defend himself and his property from assertions by the Grand Portage Band of Chippewa, that the tribe has the power to zone and regulate the use of his fee owned property because at one time there was an Indian reservation where he know lives and runs his small business. Jim Moeller, (center) PERM board member, shows off the shotgun he had just won on one of several raffles conducted at the Game Dinner. Jim is pictured with PERM volunteer Lloyd Carlson on his right, and fellow board member Hank Dombovy on his left.