"Ready to Rise" available for shipment...

PERM is proud to present this latest creation by James A. Meger titled "Ready to Rise" Ruffed Grouse. This is our third print in the Save Minnesota Series of limited edition wildlife prints to be used by PERM to generate revenue to promote balanced solutions to natural resource management issues. This work of art is among the most detailed recreations of our most popular upland game bird.

We want to thank the good folks at The John Roberts Company who did the offset printing for us on this project. They do outstanding work, and gave us a heck of a deal too! Of course it goes without saying how much we appreciate the support of world-renowned wildlife artist Jim Meger. His dedication to PERM over the years has been unmatched. We are proud to be associated with him and his work. If you would like to have a color image card to better appreciate the beauty of this print, just give us a call at 763-441-6869. If you would like to order your print, see page 6 for details.

Greg Larson from PERM and James A. Meger (R) shown proofing "Ready to Rise" as The John Roberts Co. prepares for production of our limited edition prints.