From the Chairman

By Pat Doroff

Let me introduce myself, I was born in 1942 in Little Falls, Minnesota. My mother died when I was 5 months old so I was raised by an Aunt and Uncle, (Mom and Dad). We did a lot of traveling while I was a child, but we always considered Minnesota home.

When I was the ripe old age of seventeen, I enlisted in the Navy. I saw a lot of the world in my ten year's service. When I got out of the Navy I finally settled down. I got married in June of 1970 to my wife, Doris, we raised three children, Tami, Terry, and Brianna. During this time I spent twelve and a half years in the Minnesota National Guard. In 1973 I started my job at Mate Precision Tooling. I stayed on with them until I retired in 1999. Doris and I now have three wonderful grandsons, Craig and Corey from our daughter Tami. Our son Terry gave us our last grandson, Bret. Our daughter Brianna has yet to bless us with any grandchildren.

I started getting involved with PERM when we purchased our fish house in 1995, and had it moved to Karpen's Resort, but I had been fishing Mille Lacs lake since I got out of the Navy in 1969. So, you can see I don't like what has happened at our lake either. I believe in equal rights for everyone. That's one reason I spent twenty-two and a half years serving our country and our state.

I would personally like to thank Mark Rotz for serving as PERM Chairman for so many years, and also for all the help he has given me as I assume the role of the new PERM Chairman. I will probably not be able to fill his shoes, but I guarantee I will do my best.

We are trying to get different fundraisers going, and we are starting off with a new raffle. We received a great deal on an Arctic Cat ATV 300 4X4 and trailer from Anoka Ramsey Sports Center, on Highway 10 in Ramsey, MN. We will only be selling 500 tickets on this at $20.00 a ticket. The winning ticket will be drawn at our Brainerd Fundraiser on December 1st. (see ad on pg. 8)

I would like to close by urging everyone who reads this newsletter to become more involved with PERM. If you are not a member of PERM and believe, as we do, in equal rights for all, please join and become a member.