PERM's Annual Spring Auction makes over $7,500!

Congratulations and thank you to all who participated in our Annual Spring Auction on April 14, 2001, in Ogilvie, MN. We had tons of merchandise and, despite the rain, a nice crowd of eager bidders. PERM would like to extend a special thank you to Stan Visser and his family for hosting the event.

Rice Area Sportsmen raise $10,000 for PERM!

Each spring the Rice Area Sportsman's Cub hosts a fundraiser for PERM. This year's event at Henry's Banquet Center in Foley, MN was on April 6th. These guys and gals know how to put on a fundraiser. They had great food, fine drink and loads of prizes. Several hundred people from the surrounding area showed up and no one left disappointed. Everyone at PERM would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Rice Area Sportsman's Club for their unmatched support over the years!

Annual Smokin' Hill Pig Roast raises $9,700!

Our annual Spring Pig Roast at Smokin' Hill on April 29, 2001 in Isle, MN was a huge success again this year. Thank you to the volunteers from the Mille Lacs Lake Committee who organized the event.

Hillman Area Fundraiser nets $7,000!

The Hillman American Legion was the place to be on June 2, 2001 for our annual event in that area of the State. We want to thank the American Legion for sponsoring the event. We had great food, lots of raffles, door prizes and both a live and silent auction. We want to extend a special thank you Hank Dombovy and his family for all the hard work they put into this event to make it a big success.

Wave Wackers Invitational Donates $2,000!

How about a big hand for the Herrick family, Wave Wackers and everyone associated with this first class fishing tournament. Despite the difficulties and confusion caused by the recent mid-season regulation changes at Mille Lacs Lake, the folks at Wave Wackers made a $2,000 donation to PERM again this year!

PERM $5 Winter Raffle Winners Drawn, PERM makes $14,300!

The following is a list of the winners from the $5 Winter Raffle that was drawn on April 29, 2001 at Smokin' Hill. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated.

1. Special PERM Rifle, Browning BLR .270 - Jim Potvin - #6608

2. Special PERM Shotgun, Browning Gold 12 Gauge - Jeff Hendrickson - #8074

3. Weatherby Accu-Mark .300 Win. Mag. Rifle - Doug Hegner - #5705

4. Benelli M1 Super 90 12 Gauge Shotgun - Gary Wenzel - #7492

5. Special PERM Curio Clock - Brent Monk - #7930

6. Diamond Earrings - Steven Ross - #598

7. "Ready to Rise" by James Meger - Jason Spear - #6178

Calendar Cash Raffle makes $6,000!

We also held our Calendar Cash Raffle on April 29, 2001. 18 Winners totaling $3,000 in cash prizes will be notified the week of their winning date.

5/11/01-$150-Bruce Bandow-Isle, MN

5/14/01-$150-Jay Bernstein-Maple Grove, MN

5/18/01-$200-LeRoy Knopik-Pierz, MN

5/21/01-$150-Russ Kopet-LeCenter, MN

5/25/01-$200-Scott Black-Ogilvie, MN

5/28/01-$150-Fred Dally-Aitkin, MN

6/1/01-$200-Donald Larson-Cottage Grove, MN

6/4/01-$150-Todd Flann-Mora, MN

6/11/01-$150-Bev Miller-St. Paul, MN

6/18/01-$150-Paul Hartman-St. Paul, MN

6/22/01-$150-John Morley-Forest Lake, MN

6/25/01-$200-Ross Repke-Brooklyn Center, MN

7/13/01-$200-Floyd Andracek-Hutchinson, MN

7/16/01-$150-Curtis Housh-Shoreview, MN

7/20/01-$150-Lisa Nowacki-Cambridge, MN

7/23/01-$150-Denis Plankers-Coon Rapids, MN

7/27/01-$200-Rita Menke-Sturgeon Lake, MN

7/30/01-$150-Jeff Thomas-Hillman, MN