From the Chairman

By Pat Doroff

I hope you all have had an enjoyable summer. Despite the frustrations dealing with treaty harvest imposed restrictions on sport fishing at Mille Lacs, it was one of the best years for catching numbers and quality fish at the big lake.

I hope you take the time to read this issue of the PERM Newsletter from beginning to end. We are in the midst of an important time period as it relates to natural resource management and its interconnection with tribal rights and tribal control over how our public natural resources are managed.

As you will see, PERM has been very active at trying to insure that all Minnesota citizens’ interests are protected and that our public natural resources are managed for the benefit of all. I thank each member for helping to make this possible.

In order to keep this effort moving forward we need two things, and the rest will come naturally. First we need to expand our membership base. The bigger our organization becomes, the more effective we can be.

Second, we need an involved and active membership. While we appreciate every dues payment we receive, I know there are some of you out there that can do more. No, I’m not talking about more money. It’s your time and talents we need. Our volunteer list is too short, and it seems as though we over work the dedicated few who show up at every request. Please, if you can, get involved. Show up at one of our two regularly scheduled monthly meetings listed in this newsletter. If you can help out at an event or work a few hours at a sport show or county fair booth let me know. You can give me a call at the PERM office (763) 441-6869, or write us a letter

Together we can make a difference. The frustrations experienced at Mille Lacs lake this summer are not the future we want to leave for our kids. We must get involved to protect our hunting and fishing traditions. I look forward to hearing from you.