Rice Area Sportsmen Donate $12,500 from event for PERM!

The Rice Area Sportsmen’s Club held their annual fundraiser for PERM on April 5, 2002 at Henry’s Banquet Center in Foley, MN. This year’s event was bigger and better than ever! They have great food, a ton of nice prizes and draw a huge crowd. Everyone at PERM is extremely grateful to the members of the Rice Area Sportsmen’s Club for putting on this event and donating the proceeds to PERM. You folks are just amazing!

Special guests at the Rice Sportsmen’s event were from left to right, Larry Bollig, inductee to the Fishing Hall of Fame and co-host of Bear Facts & Fish Tales on KSTP-AM, Minnesota State Representative, Sondra Erickson of Princeton, and former Vikings head coach, NFL Hall of Fame member and co-founder of PERM’s “Save Minnesota” campaign, Bud Grant.

Annual Spring Pig Roast makes $8,500!

This year PERM held its Annual Spring Pig Roast in Wahkon, MN at the Wahkon Inn on April 28, 2002. All the volunteers who work so hard preparing and serving the food, collecting merchandise, selling tickets and cleaning up deserve out deepest gratitude. We especially want to thank the members of the PERM Lake Area Committee who do most of the work. As always, we appreciate the support from the local business community, who donate much of the merchandise necessary to make the event fun for everyone. Great job!

Rep. Sondra Erickson (L) and Mary Jevne (R), of the Mille Lacs Tea Party, (both are PERM members also) gave an update on issues like the Mille Lacs Reservation dispute and the Garrison sewer project.

Jeff Popp from the Rice Area Sportsmen’s Club (L) presented Joe Karpen (R) with a check in the amount of $12,500 for PERM, from the proceeds of their fundraiser in Foley. See Rice Area Sportsmen above.

PERM’s Annual Spring Consignment Auction makes $11,000!

PERM held its Annual Spring Auction at the Stan Visser residence north of Ogilvie, MN on June 1, 2002. This year we were blessed with great weather, lots of valuable merchandise and a good crowd of enthusiastic bidders. Thank you to everyone who participated. Please note the plug for the Auctioneers who donate their time for PERM. We couldn’t do it with out them. A special note of thanks to Stan Visser for hosting the event. It is quite a sacrifice to let PERM take over your property for an event like this. We appreciate it very much!

Hillman Area Fundraiser collects $6,500!

PERM would like to thank the Hillman American Legion for hosting our Annual Hillman Area Fundraiser again this year. Thanks to the Legion, area businesses and support from the local residents, this year’s event was another success! We would like to express our appreciation to Hank Dombovy for organizing and coordinating this very successful fundraiser.