PERM's Annual Brainerd Area Fundraiser clears $6,000!

Our annual event for the Brainerd area was held at the Old Waterfall on Hwy. 371 north of Brainerd, Minnesota on December 7, 2002. Final expenses haven't been received as of press time, but preliminary figures indicate the event will show a net profit of over $6,000. Once again the folks at the Old Waterfall and Lakeland Catering did a fantastic job. The facility is great and the food, roast beef and chicken, was fabulous. Thank you to everyone who attended. You were very generous spenders. Thank you to the PERM volunteers, especially Hank Dombovy, for putting the event together. And finally, thank you to all the area businesses and individuals who provided tons of fine merchandise for our raffles, auctions and door prizes!

Summer Raffle Winners!

This year’s summer raffles were drawn at our Annual Brainerd Area Fundraiser on Saturday, December 7, 2002 at the Old Waterfall in Brainerd, Minnesota. Thank you to everyone who sold and purchased tickets. And a special thanks to the businesses and persons who supplied the prizes. The $5 Raffle cleared $6,000 and the 4-Wheeler Raffle cleared $5,000!

The winners of our $5 Dollar Raffle are:

1) Special PERM Rifle Browning BLR 30-06. Geraldine Vathne - Finlayson, MN - #698
2) Special PERM Shotgun Browning Gold Hunter 12 Gauge Autoloader. Ronald Niemi - Minneapolis, MN - #5341
3) Browning BPS 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun. Rick Collins - Cedar, MN - #5402
4) AquaVu Underwater Viewing System. Bryan Peysar - Mora, MN - #5316
5) Diamond Earrings. Brian Clarke - Medina, MN - #5317
6) Custom Built Rod & Reel. Todd Javens - North Mankato, MN - #5477
7) Set of three PERM Limited Edition Wildlife Art Prints Betty Jane Masen - Little Falls, MN - #6996

The lucky winner of our Summer 4-Wheeler was: Ken Scheirel - Amery, WI - #158