PERM Board elects new Chairman.

After the March 2004 PERM Board of Director’s Meeting, the Board was left in search of someone to fill the position of Chair. Pat Doroff agreed to stay on temporarily until a replacement could be found. In May, Doug Kolodzienski agreed to serve PERM Chairman for 2004. The Board held a special meeting and voted to accept Doug’s offer to serve and elected him as the new Chairman. Doug has been a long-time member of PERM, and has been on the Board of Directors for the past few years.

Doug makes his home in East Bethel, MN. He is a truck driver with an very hectic schedule, but he manages to put in some time at the PERM office at least a couple of days each week. All of us associated with the organization are grateful for his willingness to put forth the extra effort to be Chairman.