Results of Survey indicate support for Mille Lacs resolutions.

In the April, 2004 issue of the PERM Newsletter, we included an informal survey form for you, our supporters, to let us know what you thought of the four resolutions written by Joe Fellegy dealing with treaty management of the Mille Lacs Lake sport fishery. The resolutions were adopted by the Mille Lacs Fishery Input Group, a citizen advisory panel assembled by the DNR to weigh in on treaty fisheries management at Mille Lacs. Briefly, the resolutions are as follows:

#1 - State leadership must convince the court that change is necessary. The present system is too costly and must go!

#2 - In line with the 1837 Treaty, and taking a cue from the U.S. Supreme Court, and recognizing the unacceptable costs of state adjustment to “treaty rights” as things now exist, we urge the Minnesota governor and the state legislature to seek a new presidential order to extinguish the 1837 tribal harvest privilege.

#3 - There can be no more secret state/tribal Technical Committee meetings. At least two representatives (with two alternates in place), approved by the Input Group, must be allowed to attend Technical Committee meetings and major state/tribal management meetings relative to Mille Lacs.

#4 - There must be a full accounting of all the costs (in dollars and time) incurred by state agencies, especially the DNR, in their years of accommodating treaty fishing and state/tribal co-management at Mille Lacs.

We received several e-mails and a dozen clip-outs from the last newsletter indicating your response to the resolutions. PERM also collected responses at the sport shows and events this past spring. It is no surprise that all the survey responses were in favor of all four resolutions. At our Spring Pig Roast in Wahkon, Joe Karpen, a landowner defendant in the 1837 Treaty litigation, presented this information to DNR Commissioner Merriam.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their position. Together, we will have to keep pressure on political leaders and agency heads to see some progress toward achieving the goals outlined in these four resolutions.