The Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Duck plan? Bait, and a 40-bird daily limit for tribal members.


  GLIFWC is proposing off-reservation duck regulations on portions of ceded lands that would raise the daily bag limit to 40. It would also remove restrictions on baiting ducks. This applies to land covered by the 1837 and 1842 treaties, which includes parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. The limit is being proposed as a “subsistence” harvest. Let’s get serious. In this day and age no one has to live off the land. With all the city, county, state, and federal programs, no one would starve without wild game.


  Being an avid reader of outdoor newspapers, it seems there is an article almost weekly about declining duck populations. There is, apparently, real concern. Habitat, habitat, habitat is constantly promoted as the solution. Isn’t managing the resource itself also part of the solution? We publicize the identity of poachers caught with over-limits. Even Ducks Unlimited, dedicated as it is to the conservation of wetlands, supports waterfowl hunting “when conducted in an ethical and sustainable manner.”


  Now we are to overlook this proposal for legalized poaching? Where is the outcry about citizens being able to harvest 10 times regular limits based strictly on race? This is just one more example of the growing inequality in the use of our natural resources. Not many people realize, for example, that in the DNR-adopted Tribal Conservation code, tribal members in the 1837 treaty area can shine deer over bait placed on government property.


We are all citizens who should be treated equally, even if some tainted court systems don’t feel that way.