Fond du Lac Band has tough year for walleye in 1854 Treaty lakes. Makes up for it in 1837 Treaty lakes, especially Mille Lacs.

A story in Outdoor News today, May 12, 2017, shows that Mother Nature often creates tough odds for survival. The Fond du Lac Band was reminded of this again this spring.

Many factors can affect survival. Aspects of water quality including dissolved oxygen, temperature, and pH have been known to affect walleye egg survival. Egg adhesiveness can remain for a little as one to two hours. High wind speeds from the wrong direction or at critical times can transport eggs and move substrates and “should be considered a critical factor in annual walleye egg survival and year-class strength.”

The odds for survival are long enough. Why would any fishery management add to that by allowing gillnetting during the walleye spawn?

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