Misinformation on Mille Lacs Challenged
April 11, 2016

The amount of MISINFORMATION out there about Mille lacs is AMAZING. I will start some educational posts, some that will include my opinion (of course) and some clear facts as well.

Here is #1 – Mille lacs is NOT void of walleyes. Best guesstimates (DNR) would put the total poundage of mature and young walleyes around 2 million pounds. I and others believe this estimate is low due to sampling errors.

Average annual mortality is around 10% for walleyes. The harvest this year is 40k pounds total. That is 2%. I would say that is very conservative.

Any questions or topics any of you would like me to cover feel free to ask on this post or message me. (I will delete and ban TROLLS as they serve no purpose and should remain under their bridge of anonymity).