While thinking of soliciting some help with a new effort to restore Mille Lacs as Minnesota’s greatest angling destination, I thought, “Who better than working with the friends of Mille Lacs Lake?” Together we have tried to work with the State of Minnesota and tribal co-managers. We even sued the State of Minnesota. It all fell on deaf ears!

Let’s start something new. Let us start at the top—with a new Presidential Order!

The 1999 Supreme Court’s split decision does not prevent a future Presidential Order. The 1837 Treaty, the Indian Claims Commission, and numerous Congressional actions, taken together, make clear that the original temporary hunting and fishing privileges SHOULD NOT EXIST. We are ALL United States citizens, including American Indians. We must all abide by the same laws.

I ask you to take a few minutes and go to perm.org. On the left of the screen there is a link for contacting President Trump. Click on it and within a few seconds you can send our President your own personal message.

Ask him to sign an Executive Order to replace the technically flawed (according to the 1999 Supreme Court ruling) Presidential Order signed by President Taylor in 1850 that ended harvest rights under the 1837 Treaty with the Chippewa Tribe.

Also ask him to look at the federal government’s failed Federal Indian Policy and do away with this “selective sovereignty”. We are all citizens of America subject to the same rights and rules. Will this correct the present situation at Mille Lacs? I don’t know. But we have tried so many things over the years. This can’t hurt. Whether you voted for Trump or not is really not relevant. If he chooses to help, we will ALL benefit. While on the PERM website sign up for our email updates if you aren’t getting them. (We won’t share your email addresses.) The more emails the President gets only helps our cause. Make Mille Lacs Great Again!

Douglas Meyenburg, President PERM