Re: PERM Dinner
From: “Michelle -May” <>
Date: Wed, November 2, 2022 8:23 pm

Per plate: $19 (this is discounted for your event and includes tax and gratuity) *includes gardettos for social hour

Lunch for a few: $5.36 for the fries and coleslaw (includes tax). You always tip Keith for cooking your catfish and tip your server for the drinks with lunch

Our hall is gifted for your event which is a $600 value
*includes table linen, waitstaff, bartender

We don’t charge you extra for the cook Keith to prepare your catfish. You have always given him a good tip for his service.

The baked chicken and catfish buffet includes french bread rolls, lettuce salad, vegetable platter, pink fruit salad, relish platter, garlic mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, California medley steamed vegetable
*lemons, tartar and cajun tartar sauces

Set up time on Tuesday 12/6? Time requested?
Arrive on event day 12/7 10am?

I have attached an invoice showing price per plate

Have a great day,


Event Director

On Tue, Nov 1, 2022 at 3:30 PM <> wrote:

Hi Michelle,

Would you give us a breakdown of PERM’s meal cost that you described to me
over the phone?

Board members are discussing logistics and would like to see a breakout
covering the different parts of the dinner package- the meal, service
charge, tax, and any other fees. Also include the date you would like to
get a count to order supplies. (Also mention the part that you would cook
the catfish no charge. I will be sure that lunch of catfish deserves
tipping the chef for volunteering to make the lunch.)

Also, what are the other items in the buffet meal. (I am looking for ways
to promote the event and could use descriptions.

Can we come in at 10 am on Wednesday?

Also, any other details that the Board should prepare for.

If I am missing anything please call me at 612-964-3566.



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12 7 22 PERM Invoice.xlsx