Steve Johnson January Reports

Steve Johnson ReportSteve Johnson, Johnson's Portside Bait & Liquor and member of the DNR's new Fisheries Advisory Committee has agreed to share his recaps of the committee's meetings as they happen.January 27 Mille Lacs UpdateBy now many have heard that the bite on Mille lacs is good. We have seen some nice fattys in [...]

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The people’s fish and lack of transparency

By Ron Schara Outdoor News December 18, 2015 Subscribe If DNR and tribal fish managers hope to sooth the anger and distrust of the sport-fishing public over the collapse of the people's walleyes on Lake Mille Lacs, they need to make one big change. And it hasn't happened yet. The people need more transparency [...]

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Steve Johnson Reports

Steve Johnson, Johnson's Portside Bait & Liquor and member of the DNR's new Fisheries Advisory Committee has agreed to share his recaps of the committee's meetings as they happen.December 17 Mille Lacs Fishery Advisory Committee Update - - Posted December 18DNR presented the group with the fall assessment data for Mille lacs. The data [...]

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Upper Red regs change again

Hot bite, high pressure drop walleye bag to twoBy Tim Spielman Outdoor NewsBemidji, Minn. — In anticipation of good fishing and great angler interest, and as a means to keep walleye harvest within a pre-determined "safe harvest range," the DNR implemented more restrictive rules for walleye anglers on Upper Red Lake this winter.But even [...]

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Clearwater County troubled by White Earth project

The Clearwater County Board of Commissioners sent this letter to the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council on January 9. Commissioners Daniel Stenseng (chairman) and Neil Illies (vice chairman) signed it. It has been lightly edited.Commentary Outdoor News January 30, 2015Dear Council Members:While Clearwater County is in support of the conservation of our lands, we are [...]

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Stop the misinformed Bud-bashing, and target the real culprits!

By Joe Fellegy – Outdoor News – May 23, 2014At angling websites and newspaper comment sections, when the topic touches what Ron Schara aptly dubs “the Mille Lacs mess,” one often sees ignorant, misinformed, and politically jaded remarks blaming Bud Grant. That’s Bud Grant, legendary former Minnesota Vikings coach, passionate outdoorsman, and equal-rights proponent.If [...]

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From Hunters & Fishermen to Greenies on Earth Day: ‘You’re Quite Welcome!’

Humberto Fontova 4/26/2014Over 40 years ago, Americans from all walks of life came together to launch "Earth Day." It was a call to action for the conservation movement.But well before the first Earth Day, millions of Americans "came together" in a "conservation movement." The Pittman-Robertson Act (1937) imposed an excise tax of 10 per [...]

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DNR’s disconnect from Mille Lacs

From Joe Fellegy's column in Outdoor News April 4, 2014DNR announcements about record-low walleye, quotas, and "radical angling regs for pike, bass, and walleyes," have triggered a firestorm of "public concern and disgust."Distrust of DNR and state leadership is growing. It comes from their focus on a flawed [co-management] system, rather than on "citizen-stakeholders [...]

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Treaty management on Mille Lacs: Time for long overdue change

By Tim Ajax, Fishing guide, Isle – Outdoor News – March 21, 2014The Lake Mille Lacs fish population has been out of balance for years. DNR knows their treaty management has played a role. Unfair fish allocations, spawning-time gillnetting, strict quotas and angling regulations, plus related bad publicity are too much.The DNR can’t keep [...]

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Mille Lacs treaty management: state’s day of reckoning is here!

By Joe Fellegy – Outdoor News – February 7, 2014Just five weeks into 2014, the annual devastating Mille Lacs news cycle is cranked up and more negatively powerful than ever before. Thank the too-costly workings of “treaty fisheries management” and official inaction to protect state and citizen interests. Expect more horrible impacts on Mille [...]

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