Join us on July 8th at 10 am

Gov. Dayton will be fishing on a Fisher’s Resort launch boat on July 8th. So let’s “circle the wagons” in a peaceful protest to Keep our Walleye Fishing and Save our Economy.

Please join us in a show of support for Lake Mills Lacs walleye. Head up early, have breakfast at an area resort or restaurant, show your support, do a little fishing, and have a meal locally before leaving. This an attempt to show the Governor and his media there is support, please join us and be respectful!

Douglas J. Meyenburg
President, PERM





*** DNR Management of the lake has nothing to do with Biology anymore, it is all about Politics (Governor and DNR’s fishing shutdown decision reversed course so they would not “hurt our relationship with the Bands.” Star Tribune 8/24/2016)

*** In 18 years our State has brought this lake from a premier Walleye lake with limits of 6 to closure of the Walleye Season (Mille Lacs DNR Management is a Perfect Example of Public Policy Gone Mad!)

*** How do you have an economy based on fishing and justify shutting the fishing down? (Over 50 Small Business have vanished from the lake; many more struggle to survive.)


The Governor’s Launch will depart from Fisher’s Resort at 9 am. Fisher’s Resort is located on the NE corner of Mille Lacs.

Check in on the Twin Pines Resort Facebook page for updates and LIVE broadcasts as the rally forms.

Email questions to or

Let’s send a loud and clear peaceful message to the Governor from the water! (Remember to be respectful of other fishermen.)


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