Letters to the Editor Outdoor News March 31, 2017

What is going on with the DNR and Lake Mille Lacs? The most restrictive regulations, even after summer and winter fishing seasons that clearly proved the lake is full of walleye of all sizes.

After stating that we need a record-low harvest of walleyes because the lake is in “crisis” with only one year-class of small walleyes present in any numbers, DNR Fisheries Chief Don Pereira then states that one reason for the historic restrictions is that fisherman caught much higher numbers of walleye in all sizes than the DNR expected.

Which is it? Record-low walleye numbers with fish in only one size/year-class, or large numbers of walleyes in all sizes? The DNR can’t have it both ways.

The frustrating part is that the DNR had determined a much higher harvest allotment this year than the DNR’s “partners” in managing the lake would agree to. These so-called partners get to take fish by net, spear, and hook and line without the same restrictions as the rest of us. My biggest concern is for the hard-working, tax paying business men and women on and around Lake Mille Lacs who will go under this year thanks to the DNR and its partners.


Troy Smutka, Chaska