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Tribes to increase moose harvest in northeast MN

Moose hunting remains closed for Minnesotans

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Three tribes in northeast are seeking to harvest more bull moose this year

By Javier Serna
Assistant Editor Outdoor News Minnesota, September 16, 2022

Fond du Lac, Minn. — The three Ojibwe bands that have harvested moose in northeastern Minnesota intend to increase the number of animals they kill this fall.

There are three hunts this year, as there have been since the three bands – Fond du Lac, Grand Portage, and Bois Forte – reinstituted their moose hunts following a period of abstaining from the hunt that started in 2013, when the state hunt also ended.

The three bands planned to issue 120 bull moose permits this season, up from the 94 permits issued last year. Quotas are designed to cap harvest at 60 bulls this year, up […]

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DNR gives an inch on fall ML walleye regs

Slot expansion still plays it safe with the one-fish walleye limit

DNR yesterday announced the Mille Lacs fall walleye regs. The big news was a harvest slot expanded to 20-23 inches (from current 21-23 inches.)

This was an option from the DNR’s Mille Lacs Lake Management Plan shown at the June 28 MLFAC meeting. It more than doubled the target walleye population available for harvest. The outcome was “Likely a greater increase in harvest.” (Slides #3 and #4.)

Another option was based on the current slot–and “Likely a small increase in harvested fish.” However, it included a 2-walleye limit. Which could draw attention and raise questions about having or going back to a 1-walleye limit.

Imagine if you will, the second largest lake in Minnesota only allowing one keeper walleye for only […]

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Will MLFAC help with Walleye quota forfeiture?

It’s time to weigh in on Mille Lacs Fall walleye regulations

The Minnesota DNR just announced they are now accepting applications for several wildlife, fisheries advisory committees. They want to fill open seats on these committees, including the recently updated Mille Lacs Fisheries Advisory Committee.

PERM encourages all anglers concerned about the future of the Mille Lacs fishery to consider this opportunity to get involved by applying for MLFAC membership. Members will serve two- to three-year terms and must commit to attending at least three of the four videoconference meetings each committee has annually.

Apply online through September 16.

Try it out

You can even try out the MLFAC member experience before applying. Just call the DNR to voice your opinion regarding their proposals for Mille Lacs Fall walleye regulations.

According to MLFAC’s Charter, the […]

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A 25th Anniversary re Bud Grant and Vince Hill

Joe Fellegy, Mille Lacs Messenger,Jul 2, 2022

Bud Grant, longtime Vikings football coach and a famed outdoorsman, is very familiar to most Minnesotans. Vince Hill (1938-2008) was a grandson of Tom Hill, the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe’s first chief executive after the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act (IRA) became law.

Both Bud Grant and Vince Hill were featured speakers at a Proper Economic Resource Management (PERM) fundraiser at Lakeland Hall in Brainerd on June 28, 1997. Their speeches and informal chats are still relevant for Mille Lacs-connected folks today.

Tony Sailer, Outdoors Editor of the Brainerd Daily Dispatch, reported on that 1997 PERM event. His July 6 feature included a large headline: “Bud Grant: Treaty rights opposition doesn’t make someone a racist.”

Too often, back in 1997 and through the years, including now, the “race […]

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The Mille Lacs Reservation Decision – What the Future Holds

Minnesotans should be concerned about a court ruling calling for the continued existence of the former Mille Lacs reservation. PERM’s concerns include the impact a ruling would have on the area’s natural resources. Multiple agencies (without any hierarchy of authority) would be governing these resources. This would create an endless source of conflict.

An analysis by attorney Randy Thompson, reported in the Mille Lacs County Newsletter, details a long history that supports a case that the reservation was terminated. While Mille Lacs County and its legal team respect Judge Nelson’s ruling, they believe her conclusion is incorrect. There are substantial reasons to think that the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals could reach a different conclusion.

He notes that the continued federal expansion of tribal authority over time (above and beyond original treaty […]

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Mille Lacs 2022 walleye regs confirm mismanagement

DNR press release a litany of excuses

The DNR just released their regs for Mille Lacs walleye. The announcement came with a lot of verbiage. Mainly flimsy excuses for shutting down walleye angling again.

For example, another drop in the quota was due to “below-average catches of 2018 and 2019 year classes in the fall walleye population survey.” This is a  survey in which the DNR has little confidence. As Tom Heinrich, DNR’s fisheries supervisor explained to MLFAC members, “It seems like maybe this year was just a poor year of netting. That happens every now and then.” Not to worry. “We’ll know for sure by next fall …” (Well that’s just great.)

But the […]

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MLFAC talks upcoming regulations

MLFAC talks upcoming regulations
By Eric Jacobson, Mille Lacs Messenger, March 9, 2022

The Mille Lacs Fisheries Advisory. Committee (MLFAC) Met on Fob. 15 at the Brainerd DNR offices to discuss a number of topics. First on the ‘were introductions of all committee members. including 10 new members along with the DNR, staff that was present in person and virtual.

Mille Lacs Area Supervisor Tom Heinrich gave a presentation on the fall
netting survey conducted last fall. The conclusion of the survey was that the results were down from the previous year, but the number of mature walleyes captured were up. So this bodes well for the future.

Upcoming 2022 regulation discussion
As talk turned to the upcoming regulation options Steve Johnson, owner of Johnson’s Portside reminded the DNR that over the past 24 years of […]

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DNR Mille Lacs walleye reg FAIL–Mar 7 UPDATE

After twenty plus years – it’s time for a new plan

Javier Serna’s report in Outdoor News gives us some real insight on the DNR’s “co-management” of the Mille Lacs walleye fishery. (DNR weighing 2022 Mille Lacs open-water regulations, Outdoor News, February 25,) It is a great snapshot of the DNR’s failed efforts currently and over time—using their data, charts, and comments. (see below)

It clearly shows why PERM is calling for the DNR to discontinue its co-management of the Mille Lacs walleye fishery. It is time for the DNR to admit their co-management it is not working.

Think about it, over 20 years of co-managing one of the best walleye reproducing lakes in the nation and as a licensed angler you are allowed to keep one walleye on occasion. Failure is the […]

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