Sovereignty and Civil Rights

By Julie Shortridge Many citizens assume that our federal and state governments support the basic American goals of freedom, fairness, and "equal justice for all." After all, these are founding principles on which our nation and constitution were established. But many state and federal court judges, the state attorney general, the governor, and Minnesota's [...]

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Ground Breaking Legal Work May Turn the Tide

Lana Marcussen, Esq. Albuquerque, NM Lana Marcussen, Attorney at Law, has taken on several cases (including some which involve CERA members) which promise to break new ground in placing curbs on the powers of the federal government. The cornerstone case, JAMES SCOTT BOYD, et. al. v. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,utilizes the Equal Protection [...]

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American Indians, Citizens or Slaves?

by Lana Marcussen The United States owns all Indian lands and private property. The Indian Tribes own nothing. The individual Indian on the reservation owns only what they can carry off the reservation. An Indian cannot own land in the reservation, although a non-Indian can. Even the casinos on the reservations belong in title [...]

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Accountability and Its Effect on Indian Law

by Lana Marcussen A lot of people have noticed that policy towards the Indian Tribes is changing again. For about the last thirty years, the federal policy was to increase "Indian sovereignty." Starting about two years ago, the policy started to change. This time it is more than just Congress or the Secretary of [...]

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50 Years Past the Deadline Why Are Indian Tribes Still Suing Over Ancient Treaties?

By Randy V. Thompson, Esq. Stapleton, Nolan, MacGregor & Thompson St. Paul, Minnesota and Brandon Thompson A Goal Unrealized This August 13th marks the 50th anniversary of the deadline set by Congress for Indian tribes to sue the United States for grievances arising prior to 1946. Nevertheless, Indian tribes continue to file claims for [...]

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The Bud Grant Report

Sports Men and Women Encouraged by Recent Court Decisions Tribal Claims to Sovereignty and Special Rights Off-Reservation are Being Defeated Nationwide Those opposed to tribal claims of special rights off reservation have strong, valid and correct arguments that are prevailing in federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. You wouldn't think so from what [...]

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