WHO is responsible?

Doug Meyenburg—citizen—recently wrote Minnesota’s Congressional delegation about the $3.4 billion Cobell settlement. He wrote to ask, among other questions, how a program got to be so mismanaged as to cost taxpayers $3.4 billion!

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What is the “Cobell Settlement”?

Cobell v. Salazar is a class action lawsuit brought by Native American representatives against the United States government. Plaintiffs claim that the U.S. government incorrectly accounted for Indian trust assets, (land which came out of the Dawes Act.) These lands were assigned to individual Native Americans, but managed by the Department of the Interior on their behalf.

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Joe Fellegy’s Kudos to editor, and priciest walleyes!

Rights affirmed, but ‘grow like topsy’

I caught last Sunday night’s Outdoor Talk on KTLK, 100.3 FM, and heard a lively discussion about 2011 Mille Lacs fish allocations under “treaty fisheries management.” Rob Drieslein, Outdoor News editor and the show’s co-host, offered his take on what certainly is the most grotesque, costly, and high-impact legal-political-social fiasco on Minnesota’s fisheries scene.

“I want to be clear,” Rob said. “This tribal netting is completely ridiculous … I think it’s an abomination.” He was referring to tribal resource managers targeting spawning walleyes with a massive gill-net fishery. (From Joe Fellegy March 11 story in Outdoor News)
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