‘Co-management’ solutions only look at half the equation

The issues on Mille Lacs persist! Last year, before going into the “co-management” technical meetings, the DNR admitted they didn’t know how many walleye were in Mille Lacs. But now they’re able to say we have about 50% less than historical levels?

At many of the MLFAC meetings, I’ve heard the DNR mention walleye population study numbers. They could be plus or minus 10%, or 12%, or 15%. Now it’s 50% less?

Last week Gov. Dayton had some members of MLFAC committee down for lunch to discuss the issues. They talked. He listened. But there were no proposals coming from Gov. Dayton!

People who take the pulse of the lake daily have a much better picture of the state of the lake!

So I am asking you to use the link at perm.org to email the Governor. Ask him to take action immediately and do away with “co management.”

Of course the tribes may sue. But maybe that’s exactly what’s needed. “Co management” or not, Dayton is still accountable to us, the taxpayers. He is ultimately responsible for protecting natural resources for ALL Minnesotans

Steve Johnson, Mille Lacs Fishery Advisory Committee member, and a longtime business owner on Mille Lacs, explains in this Facebook video.

Douglas J. Meyenburg,
President, PERM