DNR couldn’t answer questions; wouldn’t discuss upcoming regs.

I participated in the MLFAC meeting online and was surprised by the DNR’s lack of expertise about their own operations.

As Committee members were asking questions, the majority of the answers were “I don’t know,” “we are looking into that,” “we will look into that,” “we are working on that,” … These are the experts who sit down and deal with the Chippewa Tribes over co-management of Mille Lacs Lake? Wouldn’t you think, since their decisions affect the livelihood of Mille Lacs businesses and the livability of Mille Lacs homeowners, that they would be a lot more up to speed with their facts? They have been doing this for twenty plus years.

Worse, the DNR would not discuss new winter regs. The “Advisory” Committee has always discussed upcoming regs in the Fall.

But not this time. It was a done deal. When asked about the regs, all the Committee got was “the new regs are coming out in a press release.”

Talk about a slap in the face.

Decision makers at DNR—you have FAILED AGAIN.

Douglas Meyenburg, President