Explanation reveals who the DNR really serves

A story in Mixed Bag, DNR announces temporary, seasonal fishing closures, Outdoor News Minnesota, May 3, 2023 (below). The report exposes the DNR’s failure to serve all citizens of Minnesota.

The DNR tries to finesse an obvious contradiction in their report on what waters get closed to protect spawning fish or doesn’t get closed. They make a reference to “where…fish are concentrated in one location.” But their explanation doesn’t hold up.

When it comes to “concentration,” the tribes only gillnet where they know walleye spawning beds are located—and walleye are concentrated. At the same time, nothing concentrates spawning walleye more than miles of high-tech monofilament gillnets.

Principles of conservation only apply to non-tribal anglers—but not for the tribes. This is yet another example of the DNR’s flimsy justifications for catering to a well-heeled special interest group. Instead of ALL Minnesotans.

There is no equal protection of the law for ALL Minnesotans. (Let alone any respect for the most basic laws of conservation.)

Everyone should hunt and fish under the same rules. And start with honoring all treaties as written.

See story below.


St. Paul — To protect spawning fish, the Minnesota DNR has closed certain portions of some Minnesota waters. The closings are routine and based on local conditions.

Closings occur each year as ice-out begins and waters begin to warm. The DNR closes the spawning locations to fishing only where habitat is limited and fish are concentrated in one location, such as a river or the bay of a lake where fish are congregated during spawning.

Portions of waters closed to fishing also are posted at access sites and in other visible areas. Anglers may fish in areas that are not posted.

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