Minnesota gubernatorial candidates Tim Walz, Jeff Johnson state their cases on the outdoors

Outdoors Writer Dennis Anderson Interview Excerpt
Star Tribune October 29

Q Can management of Lake Mille Lacs be improved?

I’m not an expert on the lake, its resources or its management, but co-management of the lake as it is currently administered isn’t working. Mille Lacs has an amazing history, but right now it’s not there for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone. We have a court decision in place, and I’ll follow it. But as governor, and with whomever I pick as DNR commissioner, I’ll bargain hard with the Chippewa bands to ensure the resource is managed better.

The Mille Lacs controversy has to do with sovereignty and relationships, and also climate and the changing lake. Let’s be clear: The treaty and the U.S. Supreme Court decision are the law of the land. I reject any attempt to go to the Supreme Court again to overturn the 1837 treaty. That’s not going to happen. Nor do we want it to. But there is potential for the state and the Chippewa to work better together. Improving the lake is in everyone’s interest.