Erik Jacobson reported on the DNR’s Mille Lacs fishery numbers from opening day on May 15 through May 31, Spring creel data looks promising for walleye season, Mille Lacs Messenger Jun 30, 2021

The total number of walleyes harvested and designated as “hooking mortality” was 7,167 for a total weight of 19,091 pounds. Adding the winter angler take of 15,861 pounds gives a total as of May 31 of 34,952 pounds.

Taking the 34,952 pounds from the 2021 allocation for non-tribal walleye of 87,800 pounds leaves anglers 52,848 pounds for the remainder of the open water season that ends on November 30.

Jacobson believes those numbers for the walleyes look promising that a season may stay open until Nov. 30. The walleye season is closed on Mille Lacs, July 1 through July 15, when no targeting of that species is allowed. The walleye season will then re-open on July 16, to catch and release only. A planned harvest season is set to start on Sept. 16 where one fish will be allowed between 21 and 23 inches or one fish over 28 inches. This will be in place until Nov. 30.

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