Now that Gov. Mark Dayton, DNR Tom Landwehr and former DNR Fisheries Chief Don Pereira are out of the picture, let’s hope that Gov. Tim Walz and new DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen will fix the political co-management mess on Lake Mille Lacs. They need to figure out a new and better way to manage the lake.

After three consecutive catch-and-release-only open-water seasons, it has caused a drastic effect around the lake.

I suggest Strommen spend a couple of days up here. Have (Garrison DNR Fisheries supervisor) Tom Heinrich escort her around the lake to meet with the local business people so she can hear directly what damage this three-year shutdown has caused.
There are plenty of walleyes in Mille Lacs. On May 11, 2019, we wish to keep two walleyes, both under 20 inches.

Dick LeBrun Malmo

Excerpted from Outdoor News, Vol. 52, No. 04, Page 32