Last Sunday the Star Tribune carried an article by Tony Kennedy, Mille Lacs among the issues Brad Parsons will take on as Minnesota’s new fisheries chief.

Kennedy covered a lot of Parson’s background and experience with Mille Lacs. He noted Parson’s recognition that Mille Lacs remains a “hot button” issue, “with politics and complicated by biological changes and fishing pressures that are adverse to walleyes.”

A positive sign was Parson’s interest in expanding “the DNR’s informal outreach to people who care about Mille Lacs.” That is, beyond the “state-appointed Mille Lacs Fisheries Advisory Committee.” Kennedy did not mention Parson’s long-standing membership on that Committee.

Parsons said the DNR will create a comprehensive lake management plan for Mille Lacs. Hopefully that effort will include MLFAC’s input, as it was brought up at the last MLFAC meeting.

Unfortunately the “plan” will not “interfere” with protocols tied to the co-management of Mille Lacs. (Which makes that “half a plan regarding walleyes,” according to a comment made at the last MLFAC meeting.)

We hope Parson’s promised outreach is a sign of real transparency, and will prevent any future secretly-negotiated agreements with the tribes.

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Doug Meyenburg
President PERM