‘Limit Reached’ based on a pyramid of estimates

Well, the MN DNR has just announced that Mille Lacs Lake will be closed for targeting walleye on Sept 6.  How many times, throughout its history, has Mille Lacs Lake been closed down entirely or limited to catch and release of walleye, prior to tribal gillnetting during the spawn? Ever?

DNR/tribal co-management has once again mismanaged this great lake. When is the MN DNR going to manage this lake for ALL anglers ahead of tribal interests? The quotas are negotiated, not court-mandated, as these two parties would have us believe.

The determining factor behind such prompt shutdowns is “hooking mortality” being used as an absolute number. In fact, it is an estimate of walleye killed, based on an estimate of walleye caught, based on an estimate of the number of boats on the lake.

It is time to put spearing/gill netting of spawning walleyes where it belongs—way back in history.  Our Governor is in charge of DNR; he needs to get involved and put an end to this never-ending saga!