Dennis Anderson reviews the June 5 MLFAC meeting

I reminded DNR Fisheries chief Don Pereira about a comment he made after attending the Technical Committee meeting with the tribes (which he attended having no idea about the number of walleyes in the lake.) He said this year’s DNR management and quotas would be about the political more than the biological.

That might explain the DNR’s using—and over emphasizing—”hooking mortality” as a cover for being way to conservative with the quota.

Many experts are saying we need to get more of the large walleyes out of the lake. They are eating machines with poorer fertility. Removing some would actually protect stock levels.

At some point the DNR has to realize they are the ultimate authority and still in charge of Mille Lacs’ conservation.

Anderson’s article is worth reviewing since it covers the experience of resorters.

Douglas J. Meyenburg, President, PERM