I am saddened to report that because of new COVID restrictions we have been forced to cancel our scheduled Dec 3, 2020 “Save Minnesota” Blainbrook fundraising event.

This has always been a time to renew friendships, have some fun, and raise much-needed funds to keep moving forward with our goal for equal hunting and fishing rights for all Minnesotans and beyond.

It seems needless to be having this argument in 2020, a year when so many Americans are expressing their need for equal rights. With the treaties that have been signed, and with the Indian Claims Commission Act being the so-called end to claims, we should all be living under one set of laws.

PERM really appreciates your continued support and hopes you will continue to support our efforts in the future.

Thank you all so much, and hope to see you at Blainbrook next year, Dec 2, 2021.

Douglas Meyenburg,
President, PERM