Rep. Sondra Erickson

On Monday, April 28, Representative Sondra Erickson wrote:
Last week a coalition of anglers, resort owners, and other Mille Lacs stakeholders announced a lawsuit against the DNR alleging mismanagement that has decreased the walleye population over the past several years. The group specifically cited the 1998 constitutional amendment passed by voters that aims to protect Minnesota’s hunting and fishing heritage.

Lake Mille Lacs has a long history of being one of the premiere walleye fishing lakes in the country. The DNR’s inept handling of the walleye populations in recent years puts that heritage at risk, and calls into question the effectiveness of their management of the lake.

I support efforts to hold the DNR accountable for their management of Lake Mille Lacs. Additionally, I hope this prompts the DNR to honor the state’s open meeting law when making decisions regarding the 1837 Treaty area that impact fish limits and populations.

Opening the process and allowing anglers, resorters and guides to share their wealth of knowledge about the lake would go a long way to improving DNR management of the lake and its fishing resources.

~Sondra Erickson, State Representative, District 15A

Bob Kangas, retired game warden

On Thursday, April 24, 2014 Bob Kangas, wrote:
I want to thank you for going forward with a lawsuit against the Minnesota DNR for negligent management of the walleyes in Lake Mille Lacs. As you probably know, the Fond du Lac band is also going to spear spawning walleyes in 13 lakes this year in Northeast Minnesota. The band said they will not gill net in 2014 in these lakes. We must get the DNR to have some guts to say no to this method of taking. I’ve attached a letter I wrote to Outdoor News and a few other papers. It amazes me as to how few people are aware of this. Keep up the good work.

~Bob Kangas, Minnesota Game Warden, Retired.

On Thursday, April 24, 2014 Bill Eno, wrote:
Thanks Bob. Nicely said. We would like to pass your letter around if it is ok with you. Tomorrow in Foley there is a PERM banquet to raise funds for our suit. Not sure where you are right now, but there will be some great supporters and Erick Kaardahl our lawyer will be the main speaker. We all have to pull together and not miss a beat. Would welcome your attendance and maybe say a few words. Let me know. Thanks.
— Bill Eno, Twin Pines Resort